It all starts from grass-fed cows in the US. Working with family run farms, we ensure our sources are sustainable before the production begins. Non-GMO compliance and stringent quality checks are also made before the fresh milk is processed.

From there, the raw milk undergoes membrane filtration using our Cold Processed ® Technology. This ensures that the whey powder derived does not go through Heat or PH treatment. As such, the protein structure is not denatured, retaining beneficial peptides such as IgG, Lactoferrin and GMP.

 Next, we put our whey powder through a series of lab tests for Nutritional Analysis and Microbial Count. These include Leco combustion tests for protein and FDA/BAM tests for microbes.The lab test reports are readily available on our site, ensuring complete transparency.

Our Raw Whey is then imported into Singapore under strict AVA guidelines, and packaged in our GMP, HACCP and ISO certified production facility. Pure natural powders such as Dutch Cocoa and Vanilla are added together with sweeteners to complete the flavour profile of our product. The end product is a cumulative result of all these efforts. A keen attention to detail and scientific rigour means that you only get the BEST at Lion Labs Nutrition.

The source of our ingredients matter to us deeply. We only utilise pure Non- Genetically Modified Milk from Grass-fed cows in the USA. Working with family farms and small scale businesses, we ensure sustainability in what we do. To get the best milk from free roaming cows. This ensures that our milk is free from unwanted hormones or antibiotics, making it as natural as possible. 

Regular membrane filtration utilises Heat and PH as tools to separate ingredients like whey from milk. This is a crucial step in the production of milk byproducts, and is often used in the making of cheese.

However, administering Heat and non-neutral PH changes may result in denaturing of the 3 dimensional protein structures in the resulting byproduct like whey. This causes the whey to lose important peptides like IgG (an important antibody), Lactoferrin (which transports iron) and GMP (Glycomacropeptide). 

At Lion Labs, we offer a unique alternative to traditional whey filtration. Our Cold Processed ® Technology utilises pressure differences to filter whey from milk, based on molecular weight. This creates not just a complete amino acid profile, but also smoother consistency, better foaming qualities and beneficial peptides that increase absorption in the human gut. 

Say bye to protein farts and stomach upsets. 

We conduct a series of stringent lab tests on our raw whey ingredient before shipping to Singapore for packaging and further processing. Utilising state of the art LECO combustion, we test for nitrogen, carbon and sulphur contents to determine precise values of macronutrients in our product. This ensures that the protein content reflected in our label is extremely accurate, and free from fillers and spiking, unlike many other players in the industry. 

We also conduct microbial tests according to FDA/BAM standards, to account for yeast, mould and bacterial count for safety purposes.  The lab test results are readily available on our site below.