Microbial and Composition Analysis was carried out on the raw whey ingredient to determine safety according to the FDA/BAM standards. Typical Protein content was found to be higher than normally distributed average of 80% min (p-value < 0.05), conducted using LECO combustion method, over traditional kjeldahl nitrogen analysis. 

Nutrient Information of our raw whey was expressed as per 100g of product in typical ‘as is’ basis rather than ‘dry basis’. Both micro and macronutrients were measured. Amino Acid Profile was also measured to show 5.5g BCAA value per 30g serving. These values are not representative of final product values, and are only intermediary for raw ingredient.

Next, naturally occurring minerals were evaluated, and fatty acids were classified into mono- , poly- unsaturated and saturated categories. Finally, Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) representing the weight gain of a test subject divided by its intake of a particular food protein during the test period. This measures how efficient our protein is utilised and is inherently linked to its Net Utilisation (NPU) as well.