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Most frequent questions and answers

Delivery usually takes about 3 working days from processing of your order. A phone call from our courier will be made to you prior to delivery.

Unfortunately we do not. Maybe some time in the future. But part of the reason why we are able to afford this cheap pricing system is due to the fact that we minimise operation costs and automate our processes. In short, everything from order and inventory management to courier delivery is automated and streamlined.

Update : We now offer self collect for a small fee of $2.90. The fee is due to the costs incurred on our side that our third party order fulfillment service charges us to accomodate for self collection at their warehouse location. 

We utilise automation in the form of cloud databases, CRMs and order fulfilment to streamline our operations and reduce overhead costs. In addition, we utilise economy of scale and state of the art technology such as ion filtration, as well as a supply chain optimised with machine learning algorithms to further reduce production costs. Lastly, we earn a significantly reduced profit margin as compared to other supplement brands.

Same or even better than most leading protein brands. Check out our independent lab test report cards at or our quality assurance at

Please visit to find out more. 

Please send an email via the contact form above to file in a request. Please provide your details and instagram account in the request.

The criteria for becoming an ambassador is to be enrolled in an educational institution, or/ be a personal trainer with a substantial number of clients,  or/ be a competitive athlete, or/full time national serviceman. Other applicants are also considered on a case by case basis.

Applicants should average about 500 or more likes per instagram or FB post. Likewise, other applicants are also considered on a case by case basis.

Benefits include :

– Monthly supply of whey protein

– 2/3 Official Lion Labs T shirts customised to individual designs

– Lion Labs affiliate account and renumeration based on orders referred

– and more…


For those who like to play it safe : “chocolate fudge”

For those who like durian : “durian obviously”

For those who like coffee : “dark mocha”

For those who like Starbucks’ matcha latte/ frappe : “matcha latte” (note its more milky and creamy than strong in matcha taste.)

Vanilla and unflavoured for the purists out there.