A radical approach to a degenerating industry

Simply put, we sell whey protein. At a ridiculously cheap price. For an insanely high quality that will probably cost you 5 times more if bought anywhere else.

But on a more complex level, we utilise the sale of whey protein as a tool to disrupt the current retail model of the supplement industry. We have aims to rapidly shift towards the same model of low prices – high quality with other supplements if our whey protein model proves successful. 

To make quality whey protein affordable for the masses.

A world where consumers are not taken advantage by sellers with exceedingly large profit margins.

To be the largest direct-to-consumer whey protein supplier in South East Asia.

At Lion Labs Nutrition, we have a detailed projection of what we call the “future of whey”. This is a 5 to 10 year projection which takes into account current malpractices in the industry, as well as price point predictions in the market. This is extremely important to us, not only because whey protein forms the foundation of sports supplementation globally, but also because it serves as a benchmark for the rest of the industry to move towards, in terms of other vitamin and performance products. 

We hope to create an environment through rigorous scientific testing, to eliminate common practises such as fillers and nitrogen spiking. By introducing various benchmarks as tests of quality, we hope to make quality control an integral and industry wide practice. 

At Lion Labs, we attempt to bypass the distributors and streamline the supply chain by connecting with raw ingredient processing firms and farms directly. We envision a market where consumers have the opportunity to purchase direct from manufacturers, ensuring greater quality and price control.

With a local market saturated with distributors, but only a rare handful producing unique products, a huge amount of money is flowing overseas, especially when foreign brands are favoured over local ones. This is something we seek to change. The dynamics of a regional supplement market as envisioned by us will be one that is Singapore centric. Low prices and a direct to consumer model works best for a developing SEA, which differs greatly from the reliance on distributors as seen in USA and Europe. We seek to be at the forefront of this movement , and ultimately, show that local companies can be regional and global leaders in all industries that we undertake.