Want Rock-Hard Bulletproof Abs?

Here’s how in 3 simple steps!

A perfectly sculpted physique will never be fully complete without the greatest attraction of all, the prime spectacle, the centrepiece of an aesthetic physique: A rugged set of dome-shaped abs.

Abs are undoubtedly the pride and the result of weeks of thousands of repetitions of ab exercises. Every individual involved in fitness who has conquered the art of shredding ounces of body fat at the abdominal area will be able to relate to this article one way or another.

So how do you consciously work towards shredding out all that extra fat mass?

Here’s a few things you might have had trouble with:

1.   Total Daily Calorie Intake

The simplest solution to shedding those extra pounds would be expending more energy by being more mobile on a daily basis or decreasing food intake (by number of meals or by serving size), or both.

Taking public transportation to work instead of driving, doing household chores over having your domestic worker doing them for you, or even taking evening strolls in the park instead of watching videos at home will increase the energy expenditure of an individual, equating to more calories being burned – it’s that simple.

Alternatively, you could increase the intensity of your workouts or throw in those extra sets of conditioning which you’d probably want to (but shouldn’t) skip after your main sets.

This would work particularly well for individuals who do not put in the tedious effort of counting calories which, I personally feel, are way too rigid for an already busy individual.

2.   Selected Exercises

You’ll probably guess where this is going as many experts have bashed ab exercises such as crunches and ab-isolation movements.

They’re not bad for your progress, but it is true that they don’t magically appear from behind those stubborn layers of body fat concealing them. You gotta shed them off. How?

Compound movements in high repetitions will be the answer. Deadlifts, squats, mainly lower-body motions – these will rip away at your fat cells when done right and with enough intensity as more co-ordination between muscle groups such as your major muscles and your core will expend more energy than just dumbbell bicep curls or leg extensions for your quads (otherwise known as isolation movements).

Furthermore, they strengthen the core and will reduce the need to isolate your abdominal exercises, although you can still do them if you really want to focus on the abdominal muscle strength and endurance.

Keep in mind proper form though, because poor or unsupervised form for beginners can easily lead to pain in all the wrong areas, especially for the deadlift.

3.   Hormonal Imbalance

The third (but possibly most crucial and most cryptic) issue could be hormone-related.

Cortisol, the hormone responsible for storing fat in the body, is produced when an individual is under stress.

Be it from not getting enough sleep or from work-related stress which is common in the fast-paced lifestyles we experience often, stubborn fat stored around our waistlines may prevent us from achieving our ideal physiques – although it is difficult to completely control our hormones, it is important that we monitor our body’s signals and to be well rested and have a balanced lifestyle before jumping into a workout and facing disappointment in the short-term when instant results do not appear.

With that, we end off with a simple message :