Is resting for 5 minutes for your new strength programme too long for your liking?

Getting “inefficiency paranoia” in the middle of your deadlifts?

Are your workouts uncomfortably time-consuming due to rest periods being overwhelmingly dull?

Here are a few things you can (attempt to) do while resting up without affecting the quality of your workouts.

1.   Plan Your Post-Workout Meal

Unless you’ve already prepped your meal at home and that cold, hard, chicken breast is sitting at home waiting for you to choke on the impossibly tasteless chunks, it would do you good to plan on what to eat after your exercise.

Relying on hunger impulses leading to you purchasing a footlong Meatball Marinara from Subway from Tiong Bahru MRT Station may sound appealing but in the long-term, it can be counter-intuitive if your want to partner proper nutrition with your muscular growth.

Perhaps you can KIV the ingredients you’re intending to purchase from the Tiong Bahru Plaza NTUC FairPrice to cook up a wholesome meal instead?

2.   Record Down Your Weights Lifted

Not everyone does this and not everyone needs to.

But surely this recording down of weights might benefit you in the long run when you track your progress; who wouldn’t want to be reassured that they’re getting stronger by the day?

Furthermore, it’ll instil discipline in your physical training as you tend to want to outdo your previous records, ensuring steady progress.

Maybe next time, instead of swiping on Tinder which can seriously distract you and cause you to exceed your rest time, simply opening “Notes” on your iPhone to type in those key digits may subconsciously help you to progress forward.

3.   Increase The Volume Ting

Just as Big Shaq said, you can plug in your earphones and turn up the bass drop to Dash Berlin’s “Coming Home”?

Personally, it gives me a bit of a mental boost as the feel-good pumping bass and the “sick” beats tantalise my otherwise perpetually lackadaisical movements, channelling more energy into my lifts.

If possible, you might even want to try blasting music in a private gym and as obnoxious and douche-y as it sounds, a kicking bass and hard hits can keep you more awake on a lazy day.

That’s why I never go to the gym without first compiling a proper hardstyle playlist.

4.   Watch the Form

They always say to learn from others’ mistakes.

In the gym (or at least to the few I’ve visited around our island), meatheads are all around pumping iron and getting jacked.

Take a cursory glance at the feller doing dumb-bell rows beside you, or the uncle doing weighted planks in the middle of the free weight area. Is their form so bad that you might cringe with every successive rep?

Without realising it, sometimes we grind so hard that we tend to compromise our form when the weights go up and we insist on completing the reps.

But one sure-fire way to keep your own form in check is to notice the people around you and the efficiency in their movements: Is their back rounded? Shoulder blades pulled down to activate the lats? Endless jerking and “body English” to assist in the lifting?

If so, we keep in mind our own forms and try our very best to steer away from what we witness to avoid replicating bad and potentially dangerous form.

5.   Reply Your DMs

Just because we don’t have proper time to sit down and reply each one of our trivial exchanges, do we?

Alternatively, you could block the people who have been relentlessly sliding into your DMs. Simple.